Tips for Controlling Stress

Talk with someone you trust

Everyone needs to do this at different times in their life. Choose a friend, relative, clergy or professional helper you can trust.

Use Up Anger Through Physical Activity

Channel your anger into a job that needs doing, take a long walk or go shoot some hoops. 
Possible results: You will "let go" of your anger instead of bottling it up, which just causes more tension.

Do Something For Someone Else

Even a smile or a generous word is a good start. Add to this daily.
Possible results: It will help you to feel less isolated with your worry and start to turn your thoughts outwards.

Deal With One Thing At a Time

Select the urgent tasks first and get on with them, forget the rest for the time being. Tension and worry makes even an ordinary day seem unbearable. This need not be a permanent state. If you expect too much of yourself all the time you can create a constant state of worry and anxiety. Decide which things to do well and put your major effort into these first.
Possible results: This will help you to achieve something and the other tasks will seem easier when you get around to them.

Learn Methods Of Exercise And Relaxation And Practice Them Daily

You are aiming to be in control of your body and learning how to counteract tension and anxiety.
Possible results: You will unlock tension in every part of your body, and even prevent tension in the future.

Don't waste energy trying to empty your life of worrying things.
Try filling your life with wholesome things instead!

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